Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers Suspicious Statement About Firing Robert Mueller [DETAILS]

Donald Trump wants Robert Mueller gone. If he could, Trump would’ve canned him the second he was assigned to the job. And it’s nothing personal. It’s just the fact that Mueller is currently in possession of damning evidence, testimony and knowledge – proving Trump’s epic guilt. Which is probably why Donald is on the verge of firing him altogether.

This week, when asked about Trump’s intentions to potentially let go of Mueller, the White House press secretary and expert Donald sycophant, Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered a strange statement. Of which, Sarah said, “I’m not aware of any plans to make those movements … but we do have some real concerns with some of the activities and some of the scope that the investigation has gone.”

Which is essentially just an appetizer for some drastic news they’ll probably drop in the next couple days or so pertaining to Mueller. This is them trying to lay the ground work for the corruption. They want us to believe there’s bias and whatnot going on in the FBI – but that’s horse sh*t.

These men and women are trained and paid to bring criminals to justice. And just because Trump is guilty of litany of things that they are slowly learning about, doesn’t make them against Donald. It makes them against crime! It’s truly that simple.

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